So, I woke up this morning (er, afternoon) to snow flurries. My mom, who lives in Alabama, is the one who told me about them. I checked my phone to find a text from her reading, “Is it still snowing? I was watching the Titans play & it was snowing in light flurries. Love you!”
My immediate reaction was of course to jump around in my bed and look out the window. And, yes, it was still flurrying. On that note, it’s almost Christmas! I know this for multiple reasons. For one, it’s cold and it’s December. For two, the Harry Potter Marathon is on ABC Family! I am sort of obligated to watch it, as both a Harry Potter nerd and Christmas connoisseur. For three, Timbre’s Annual Family Christmas Concert is next weekend! Featuring the Trevecca Madrigalians! Which includes, well, me! I will also be selling homemade crafts there, including some of my recent crocheted creations. If you find yourself in the Nashville area next weekend, you should pop on over to The Anchor Fellowship and check it all out!
 I mean, really. Who can resist a magical fairy playing harp and singing Christmas music with a choir of half angels backing her up? Bonus: she may or may not fly in on a unicorn. Probably not, but anything’s possible. (click the picture to be redirected to the Facebook event!)
Now, on to other things… I recently stumbled across (and by stumbled across, I mean found by saving a Postsecret card on my computer) a site called Found Magazine. It’s a site that posts scans of random “found” love letters, post it notes, memos, etc. Basically, if you enjoy looking at things that show you a small piece of someone else’s private life, you’ll love this site. I mean, I do. Just click through and check it out!

Now for my little personal note:
I recently find myself seriously wanting to go on a coffee date. I want to go to Fido or Crema or even just my school’s caf with an attractive man. I want us to get yummy flavored coffee and sit and talk about our lives as of late. Most of all, I want this man to be intelligent and funny while he’s telling me about his life. That’s not too much to ask for. Not as far as I’m concerned. (: That’s all.
I’ll leave you with this now: my favorite song by The Vespers. It’s called Dear Sir and it always makes me hopeful about life and love.

Dear Sir

I’ll wait for you only as long as it takes.
I’ll sing you sweet songs about how we belong together,
And if we don’t, I’ll stay alone forever.

You use big words and you don’t even try.
When you meet someone new, you look them in the eye.
You gave me your jacket when I wasn’t even cold
And you tell me I’ll still be pretty even when I’m old.

I’ll wait for you only as long as it takes.
I’ll sing you sweet songs about how we belong together,
And if we don’t, I’ll stay alone forever.

If I say the book is good, you’ll read it in a heartbeat.
We’ll have long, long, long talks about it and you’ll tell me what you think.
Your chest is my pillow, you lend me your side to lean on.
We’ll cloudgaze on a cloudless day, lying on the lawn.

And when I finally meet you for the very first time
I’ll sing you sweet songs about how we belong.
And if you never arrive, I’ll stay alone forever.