Hi, hello, this is Arianna. And it snowed for a while in Nashville today. That, among a few other things, has put me in a remarkably great mood! It’s my 5th full day of successfully eating no red meat, which is also helping. I’m really proud of that accomplishment and hope to keep it going for quite some time.
On a related note– the note of things that are making me happy– Christmas is right around the corner! I’m spending entirely too much time listening to Christmas music and entirely too little time studying for finals. Which are a lot closer than Christmas. Unfortunately. However, I am focusing on the positive today!

On another positive note, I have an entire night off of doing things. Which means an entire night of crocheting. I did a new hat last night and hope to get a lot more done tonight (with pics to follow tomorrow!). This also means a lot of rest! Which, after my hectic weekend with Mads stuff, is much appreciated. In case you were unaware, let me recap this for you: Friday and Saturday night, I was in the 4th Annual Trevecca Madrigalians Christmas Canteen. That is basically a Christmas play/variety show. I kind of had to abandon my life for a couple of days for that. Hah. Totally worth it, by the way. Then Sunday night I sang carols with Mads in the foyer of TCC on campus. I’m just glad to be done for a couple of days.
Now, I have one more thing to leave you with. This is my favorite version of one of my favorite Christmas songs! Enjoy!