Good evening! You find me tonight enjoying some Iron & Wine (the band, not actual iron/wine) and preparing for sleep. Today was delightful. I slept in rather late and it felt great. So, a few things…

First, I discovered that the best band for crocheting music in the world is Explosions in the Sky. If you haven’t heard of them, I recommend looking them up promptly. They’re an exceptionally pretty instrumental group with rather long and delightful songs. I managed to make a pretty hat and scarflette combo while listening to them this afternoon. See?

All gold homespun. Soft and pretty and warm!

Also, I’m gonna go ahead and get it outta the way: I’m a major Gleek. And tonight’s episode of Glee made me cry. As per usual. But seriously, it was amazing. Christmas episode with Christmas music and Sue Sylvester being nice in the end? Perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I didn’t, however, like Finn’s reaction to Rachel’s kiss! I am such a Finchel fan. So it goes.

Lastly, I think I’ve realized something about myself. When I really want something, I can be a very pushy person. I overcompensate for my shyness by being overly weird and forcing myself on people. It’s really frustrating and I am genuinely trying to fix it. If I forget, remind me please. K, thanks.

Tonight, as I had little to talk about, I leave you with this video for Explosions in the Sky’s “Your Hand In Mine.” This is literally one of my new favorite songs. Like, it has to be up there with Katy Perry’s “Firework” and that is saying something. Check it.