So, I’ve realized something about myself: I have the bad habit of accidentally breaking/messing up things I really like. Take, for example, my awesome boots from my very first post. I love those. A lot. But they’re messed up. (And for the record, I’ll probably keep wearing them until they are in multiple pieces.) So, in a similar fashion, today I accidentally stepped on my favorite mirror. My little, slightly magnified, red rimmed, “I put my makeup on with this every day” mirror is no more.

While I still plan to keep it just as an art piece, I’m going to miss sitting at my desk, multitasking on Facebook while putting on my makeup in the mornings.

I discovered another thing about myself today, also. And it isn’t necessarily good, either. I realized that, if I like someone or admire them in any way, while I may want them to like me back and think highly of me, I tend to not talk to them if presented with the opportunity. In fact, I tend to do the opposite completely. I ignore that they’re there in hopes that they’ll think I’m cool enough to talk to. Ya know, that or I’m just really shy and absolutely paralyzed by the idea of talking to someone who I consider cooler than myself. I think it might be a little of both, though I only do the latter on purpose. If you can call being shy something you do on purpose. I really should get over that.

Today wasn’t all bad, though. I made one of two fingerless mittens, perfect for texting. I’ll probably complete the second sometime tomorrow. I’m proud. See?

Perfect for typing and texting, the two things I manage to do rather well at all times.

And the best part of my day? Tonight we had rehearsal for Timbre’s Christmas show this Friday. I literally stood open-mouthed and in awe the majority of the time that I wasn’t actually required to sing. This event is one of the innumerable reasons that I auditioned for Mads in the first place. I cannot believe that I’m getting to share the stage with such talented musicians. Again I say, if you are in the Nashville area this Friday night, come out and see this show. I’ll be selling homemade crafts and singing in the choir. You won’t regret it.