Ahhh! So yesterday is finally over! It lasted forever in the best way possible. Now, for a quick recap and a bunch of pictures!!

Okay, well, I got up and went to class, after which I had an hour break to go shower and get dressed before my only other class that day. So, I went into the classroom for my second class, sat down for a second, looked around, and decided that missing this last day wouldn’t matter before promptly leaving to go have lunch. It ended up being good that I skipped class cause I got to have lunch with my friend Shane. We don’t talk much, so it’s nice when we can.
After lunch, my wonderful friend/business partner [-in-crime] Alyse and I met up to decide on pricing for our stuff. We also needed a good name, so of course we turned to our delightful man-friends, JD and Trey. After about fifteen minutes, JD started to substitute words like “stitch” for other, more colorful words and after a while, we ended up as…

Pretty clever and also silly, if you ask me.
So, we made a few more little pieces and priced everything before dinner, and by the time dinner was over, it was actually time to go (for me, at least).
And now, for the best part of my day (read as, young life so far)… After warming up and sound-checking and all that good stuff, Alyse and I set up our table. We ended up with a lot more than we realized, which was good! At first business was really slow. By the time I had to go get ready, we had only made four sales, so I was a little discouraged. But I’ll tell more about this in just a bit.
I moved to a regular seat to get ready to go on after Timbre’s pre-Mads set. Can I just say, watching her and everyone involved in her music makes me want to cry. It’s beautiful. You can just tell that they love what they’re doing and they’re enjoying it so much. Also, they all look magical. Like, actual magical creatures. Anyway, she did a few songs, my personal favorite being Robin Red Breast (again). We joined her onstage after Joy To The World and did our set (which included a beautiful Irish step dance by one of Timbre’s friends), before we came down and sang Dawn Awakes around the audience. It nearly made me cry that I was a part of that.
So, back to the table after the show. I get there to see a much lightened load, meaning we had managed to make quite a few sales. When we were done selling, we had made a total of $53, which doesn’t sound like much, but for what we were selling, at the prices we were selling them, it’s great.

And that’s $53 toward my trip to Europe I didn’t previously have.
Also, I found another perk of being local artist: trades. We traded a few bows and a hat to the woman set up beside us for a coat and an amazing owl candleholder. We only payed $8 out of pocket for both of them.

I mean, look at that owl!
Also, I was able to trade with Tetra Cierpke (one of Timbre’s siblings) for a sick henna tattoo! She’s super good! She took a pretty wrap bracelet that Alyse made and this cute little bow I made

for this pretty henna on my hand!

So, basically, I would say that yesterday was definitely a win overall. Sorry for the full recap, I realize this isn’t a diary, but I really just feel great about how everything went. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back on track with normal things tomorrow! Or maybe tonight. Whatever.