Hi, hello.

I stumbled upon a site that I like. It’s called This Is Indexed.

Look at it and be amazed.

So, I start my new semester tomorrow. I’m mildly excited. I get to take a ton of comm classes. I think I may actually enjoy this semester. Also, in Mads we’re doing the song Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. It’s a personal favorite and I can’t wait to start it.

Today was a good day. I registered fully. I got all my books. I finally payed that $7 library fine for keeping Little Women all year Freshman year (no, I’m not kidding). I spent most of my afternoon engaged in delightful conversation with my friends Carlson, Shane, and Kelly. They are all entirely too intelligent to like me and they do anyway. I’m pretty lucky. On top of all the niceness there, it was snowy and beautiful all day. I ended my day with the girliest of movie nights: my dear friend Alyse and I watched Eclipse. So perfect.

On a similarly happy note, I’ve discovered the kind of place I want to be married in. This is it. That’s all. Have a good night.