Meet my favorite little tattoo. Its name is Charisma.

It’s an eighth note. It’s one of the few things I’m comfortable putting permanently on my body because it’s a representation of one of the few things I know I will permanently enjoy. It’s tiny and adorable and I love it. I just wanted you to meet it. It’s one of the coolest things about me.
Anyway, hello. I recently rediscovered my camera, meaning I will be posting a lot more photos of nothing. Or of important things like Charisma. For example, I took a family portrait with my son, Paco, tonight. My former best friend and I had two children, but he has custody of Shaniqua. Basically, this is just a silly, running joke that we’ve had since we were about 14. And this is my family portrait with Paco.

Silly. Expect more of this. (:
So, tonight I auditioned for the show Songs for a New World. It’s sort of weird how much I saw myself in the characters that I sang as. The show is basically not a play so much as a song cycle. It’s a lot of songs tied together with a theme. The theme? Coming to the edge. We were required to sing a duet that was all about what the characters would give up just to have each other. It was hard not to break into tears during that song. It was beautiful and I genuinely hope I get a chance to do this show. I’ll keep you updated.
It’s still snowing in Nashville off and on. It’s beautiful. My lovely friend Abbi modeled for me with the snow after class this morning.

At times like that, I love the life I’m living.
Also, I’ve decided that I’m going to start acting as smart as I know I am. Meaning, trying in class. I do well enough with minimal effort, so with actual effort? I might actually be really good. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will be. Life is happening, after all, so I figure I should step up and live it, starting with this.
I know that this post has been sort of random, even for me, but today was that kind of day. It was delightfully random and only vaguely memorable, but I’m glad it happened. Bye, guys.