Hai. It’s a little early tonight, but I figured I would actually try writing when I had stuff to write about.
I went to church today. I do that sometimes. Hah. Today was nice, though. I love my church so much. The Anchor Fellowship is a great place if you happen to be looking for a church in Nashville. Today’s worship was great. I mean, it usually is there, but today was especially. The musicians are good and the songs are good and the people are great and God is there. Ah. I just had to share that.
I have a Scott Pilgrim update. I finished the whole first book last night. I was supposed to be reading for school, but.. Well.. Scott Pilgrim was just more interesting. This, however, did leave me with a lot of unfinished school reading for today/tonight. I got some of it done today before I napped, and I’ll finish the rest while I “babysit” some of my friends tonight (read as: chaperone them in one of their apartments so they don’t get in trouble with their RA). I realize this is pretty mundane, but that I’m actually trying to do all my reading for class and do really well is something new for me. Like I’ve said before, I did well enough with minimal effort, but I’m a lot smarter than I show I am sometimes. I want to fix that.
I’ll leave you guys with this: if you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Take that risk. Tell her you love her. Quit your terrible job and follow your dreams. Make life happen.