Today was remarkable. Astounding. Wonderful.
Words won’t do it justice, so I won’t try.
I will say, however, that the excitement of today has me awake far past my bedtime, which is the only reason I’m writing this tonight.
Anyway, I didn’t make the show. I guess I’m just not what they were looking for. And that’s okay, mostly because it means that tomorrow night (or, tonight) I get to go the Inception Film Forum at my school. First, I’ll get to watch Inception for free, then I’ll get to hear two very intelligent professors (Dr. Kerr and Dr. K) explain it in their own ways. If you know anything about Nate Kerr or Dr. K, you’ll know this is exciting.
Also, I read a book for class today called Art for God’s Sake. If you get the chance, I suggest you read it. As an artist, I’ve had my calling questioned before. This book fully supports the fact that God calls people to be artists because He is an artist. It helped me feel better about what I know is my purpose in life. There were a lot of quotes I liked, but one in particular I’d like to share:
“All too often we settle for something that is functional, but not beautiful. We gravitate toward what is familiar, popular, or commercial, with little regard for the enduring values of artistic excellence.”
Do something beautiful. Share it with someone. Tell me about it, tell your mom about it, tell your dog about it. Whatever. Share beauty. You’ll feel a whole lot better about life if you do.