I’ll start with a brief post about life. I’ve realized that I have a serious problem with myself. If any of my friends do anything I don’t approve of or I think is bad, I feel personally hurt. It’s more than just being let down, it’s being genuinely hurt. Which is so dumb. I’m not even gonna stick up for myself on this one and say it’s cause I care about them, though I do. It’s none of my business and I shouldn’t be so.. Sensitive? I just wanted to complain about myself. Anyway. That’s all. Now for my Day 2 letter–the one to my “crush.” Oh, dear.

Dear Boy,
Well, for starters, I guess I like you, hence the writing to you under this circumstance. I certainly wish you weren’t so hard to read. Or maybe I just read too far into everything, and you’re just very obviously saying you don’t reciprocate my feelings. I also certainly wish you would talk to me a bit more. I’d try to talk to you more, but to be quite honest, you make me very nervous. I think you actually always have, even prior to my interest in you. Which, I guess for me, isn’t that uncommon, but whatever.  Ya know what’s funny? This is the most I think I’ve ever said to you at one time and you probably won’t even read it (which is probably for the best).

Well, bye. (:

Day 2: My least favorite song
Probably any song my father has played over 50 times in one day. You’d be surprised how many there are.