I was hoping for another funny or inspiring letter for today, but alas, it’s given me another sad prompt for which I feel I should provide a small introduction.
In September, I lost my brother Eric. We weren’t really very close, but we were close enough for it to hurt really badly. My family and I are much more okay now than we were then, and, in the past four months, we’ve realized that this was really an answer to our prayers. It wasn’t the answer we wanted, but God doesn’t work that way. Eric had some very serious mental illnesses that he had to suffer with for the majority of his 30 years here, and we always prayed for him to be whole. It sucks that this is how it happened, but we know he’s whole now. Either way, today is Day 4- A letter to my sibling.

Dear Eric,
I miss you, dude. I wish we could have fixed some stuff before you left, but hey. It happens. I hope you’re doing well now. We don’t like this whole having to miss you thing, but we’re all glad you’re better now. Nanny and Pawpaw are doing really well. They’re sending me to Europe this summer, which I know you were excited about. Mama is a lot better than she had been.
I’m sorry for all the thoughtless times I might have said something mean to you or wronged you in any way. I know it doesn’t matter now, but I’m still sorry. I miss hanging out at Nanny’s and reading tabloids about Michael Jackson and making fun of them. Thanks for all the times you fixed my computer and let me use yours when I didn’t have one.  Also, thanks for everything else. I love you.


Day 4- A song that makes you sad
“Eyes Wide Open” by the Vespers and “Tiny Vessels” by Death Cab for Cutie