Story of my.. Day. I slept entirely too much last night, then napped this afternoon. Bad, bad, bad idea.
So, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. It’s sort of silly, but it’s also sort of a big deal in my life. Do me a favor. Think of the people you most want to be like. Now think about yourself. If you told everyone in the world to think of who they wanted to be like, at least one person  would think of you. Yes, you. And of me. Now, think about this: those same people you want to be like? They might even think of you. That’s what you call a confidence boost.

Another fun thing about today. My delightful internet friend E’llise introduced me to a fun band. They’re just my style. Gregory and the Hawk. Yes. I’ll post a song at the end of this, but geez. They are making me so happy. Thanks, hun. You brightened my night.