Bad idea, for the record.

So, my day’s goodness rating has risen steadily since I woke up today. I didn’t get much sleep last night, thanks to the fact that I was doing laundry. Yeah, that’s a bad idea, too (not doing laundry, just staying up too late to do it). I woke up just in time for my 8 AM class. It was not the best. I was the only one on time. I probably just could have slept in. When that was done, instead of chapel, I went back to my room and slept. I had every intention of sleeping just til 10 then getting up and getting ready. I got up literally 10 minutes before my 10:45 class. While that was disappointing, it did increase the goodness of my day quite a bit. It was sleep.
After this class, I went back to my room and cleaned like a madwoman for room checks tonight. Finished that in 30 minutes, which instantly made life better. The, finally, I got to shower and make myself look human (and I happen to think I ended up exceptionally nice looking today). I then proceeded to march down to Boone Business Building and kick the butt of my first Financial Stewardship exam. When that was taken care of, I went to the cafeteria for the first time (mind you, it was about 2 PM by this time). I ate a few cherry tomatoes. It was glorious. I relaxed with my dear friend Abbi and reveled in those cherry tomatoes for about an hour. Yeah. When Abbi went to class, I went to Abba Java and had coffee with my delightful friend Shane. It was probably the most we’ve ever talked to each other and it was wonderful.
Finally, my day culminated with a songwriter’s showcase at which Abbi’s little sister and my dear friend Kaeli was performing. She was amazing, as usual. My day ended at at least a solid 9 out of 10.

One problem though. I had more caffeine than food today. I’m about to remedy that, but I wanted you all to know: I had a really great day.

Also, yeah. That.