So, I’m blogging in public. Whoops. Also, the shift key on this computer doesn’t quite work like it should. I did, however, promise to stop being lazy and get down to business [to defeat the Huns]. Here goes.

Today something remarkable happened. I one-upped my annoying emotions. I had a conversation with a guy I used to like quite a bit and successfully walked away. I also didn’t flinch when he complimented my hair. Life has gone on and I feel successful.

I also got my passport today.

I’m aware that it looks like every other passport in America, but it’s mine. This is my way to get out of here this summer. This is my opportunity to sing in Mass at St. Peter’s. This is my ticket to see Wicked on West End. This is my passport. It is filled with blank pages just waiting to show you all of the places I’ve been. Life is happening.