That was today. I feel so nice. Today was so long, and tomorrow is going to be even longer, but for now, I’m really okay. I was up at 7. I had an 8 AM class, which I had to leave early so that I could sing in chapel with Mads. It went really well. Surprisingly well, even. The rest of my day was pretty uneventful. Classes, lunch, that sort of thing. Until 6. At 6, I went to auditions for the show La Bete. It’s a comedy written by an American man and set in 17th century France. It’s all rhymed couplets. Yeah.

At auditions, there were only two of us. There’s another night of auditions tomorrow night, but I feel like, right now, I have a pretty good chance. I just feel that it went really well. I’m really excited to see how it turns out. Either way, I think I’ll be good.

After auditions, there was a little thing called the Trevecca 72 Hour Film Festival. The way it works is, one night, everyone who wants to be involved shows up to a meeting and draws a random genre from a hat (or something like it– you know). From the time they draw, they have 72 hours to write, cast, shoot, and edit a short film. Yeah, it’s as hectic as it sounds. Well, my friends decided to participate. They drew the genre “action.” Well, I was asked to participate, along with an amazing cast and crew made up of people we love.  Thus began “LARP- The Movie.”

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with LARPing, that means “live action role playing.” Yeah. Well, we made a film completely about nerdy friends playing D&D and LARPing. It was hilarious and badly made, but it was great. It was so wonderful. Really. I’ll post it if I ever get it. Anyway, after all the films are shown, they give awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Film. Needless to say, we didn’t win Best Film. Which is okay. We did, however, take home both the Best Actor and Actress trophies. Trey won for his bad guy character (which, by the way, was really great) and I won for my awkward, socially inept love interest character.

Now, keep in mind, there were maybe three actresses in the entire festival, but I still felt pretty cool.

My night is far from over, as I now have work to do, but I feel good about it right now. Have a good one, guys.


But I’ll keep it to a minimum, I promise. I’ve never really sang the praises of being single, but I’ve been very pro-single as opposed to having sucky relationships. As of  late, I’m almost starting to reconsider that stance. Everyone has a boyfriend. EVERYONE. I mean, that’s an exaggeration, yeah, but seriously. It seems like everyone is getting into relationships. I can’t even find an appropriate crush to have. I mean, honestly, I’ve dreamt about kissing boys I hardly know and getting back with my ex the past few nights. It’s ridiculous. Seriously. I’m sorry for all of the -ly words I just used, by the way.

I’m done whining, guys. Thanks for letting me. Not like you have a choice or anything.

I love this song. It’s been stuck in my head for a while now. Just wanted to share.

Mmmmm. Can’t wait to go home.

#417 The sound of water lapping against a dock It sounds like the warm and windy start of summer. It sounds like the cool and quiet finish to fall. AWESOME! Photo from: here … Read More

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So, I’m blogging in public. Whoops. Also, the shift key on this computer doesn’t quite work like it should. I did, however, promise to stop being lazy and get down to business [to defeat the Huns]. Here goes.

Today something remarkable happened. I one-upped my annoying emotions. I had a conversation with a guy I used to like quite a bit and successfully walked away. I also didn’t flinch when he complimented my hair. Life has gone on and I feel successful.

I also got my passport today.

I’m aware that it looks like every other passport in America, but it’s mine. This is my way to get out of here this summer. This is my opportunity to sing in Mass at St. Peter’s. This is my ticket to see Wicked on West End. This is my passport. It is filled with blank pages just waiting to show you all of the places I’ve been. Life is happening.

I miss doing this more than any other part of having a boyfriend. I could even do without the boyfriend part if I just had someone to nap with. Hah.

#518 Napping with somebody else Jam your elbows in that stomach, breathe in those shampoo fumes, and squeeze your knees into the puffy cushions while spooning into a quick catnap on the couch. As drool drips, skin warms, and a slippery sweatfilm slides between you, just smile, close your eyes, and fade into a quiet cuddly moment with someone you love. AWESOME! Great news! The UK and Australian editions of The Book of Awesome are coming Summer July/August, 2010. Dates TBD but aw … Read More

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I’ll stop being lazy soon.

I’ll also stop all this nonsense.


I intend to live my life like this, thanks.

Egypt is at peace.

And Lady Gaga’s new single “Born This Way” debuted.

Both of those things are remarkable.

So, I have a lot of things to talk about, but not a lot of motivation to talk about them. For one, I think I might be a bad person. A couple of days ago, my Aunt Penny died. We were never close, and most of the times we talked in the past few years consisted of her asking me why I major in theatre and what I’m going to do with that for the rest of my life and basically just telling me I’m screwing up my life by doing what I love. Which hurts a lot. When my mom told me she died, I hardly felt anything. And now, the only reason it hurts me that she did is that it doesn’t hurt me more. I feel like I’m wrong for it not affecting me. I haven’t even told my friends. In fact, this is the first time I’m saying anything about it. I don’t know what that means or if it’s wrong, but here it is.

That’s really all I can muster on the serious side. On the less serious side, I got banged.
And by banged, I mean I got my bangs cut. That was awkward. Okay. Um. Picture here.

I can vouch for this firsthand. I think I gained at least ten pounds over the course of the week I was home when my brother passed.

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