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Spring makes me really go boy crazy. Fair warning to any males in my vicinity over the next few weeks.

Other than that, I’ve been crazy busy lately. I’m in a show right now. La Bete. It’s going to be hilarious. It’s my first non-musical pretty much ever. I’m also working on an informative speech for my Speech class. I’m doing it on upcycling. The bright side to the boring speech part? I get to make plenty of pretty new stuff for visual aids!

This particular set is made of an old issue of the Nashville Scene. (: It’s a basket and an unfinished (for now) flower. I’m pretty proud of both.

That’s all I have time for now! Expect more soon!


But I’ll keep it to a minimum, I promise. I’ve never really sang the praises of being single, but I’ve been very pro-single as opposed to having sucky relationships. As of ┬álate, I’m almost starting to reconsider that stance. Everyone has a boyfriend. EVERYONE. I mean, that’s an exaggeration, yeah, but seriously. It seems like everyone is getting into relationships. I can’t even find an appropriate crush to have. I mean, honestly, I’ve dreamt about kissing boys I hardly know and getting back with my ex the past few nights. It’s ridiculous. Seriously. I’m sorry for all of the -ly words I just used, by the way.

I’m done whining, guys. Thanks for letting me. Not like you have a choice or anything.

I’ve been at this letter thing for a week now. This one is gonna be fun. It’s Day 7- The letter to my ex.

Dear Jon,
Thanks for ruining my favorite cd for me. I still can’t listen to about half the songs on Transatlanticism without feeling sad for no reason. Also, it’s really annoying how much our mutual friends like you.. Well, our mutual guy friends anyway. It’s like they don’t care that you absolutely screwed me over because they can’t imagine you actually causing another person pain. Which, for the record, is really annoying. It’d be nice to go a day without hearing someone talk about how awesome you are or how much they miss you. Because I honestly can’t say I share those feelings. The way you hurt me aside, I realized that I’m a lot better off without you. With you, my life aspirations weren’t particularly high because your life aspirations aren’t particularly high. You don’t care about anything, and my caring about almost everything was hardly enough to make us work. I hope you realize how apathetic you are one day and fix it. I guess that’s it.

Have fun getting high with your brother,

PS- I’d really like my copies of Fight Club and The Great Gatsby back. I miss my books.

Day 7- A song that reminds you of an event
This is dumb. I don’t like this one.
“Single Ladies” by Beyonce