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So, I discovered a new YouTube channel to watch. It’s called “Rachel Dates (Around)” and it is, so far, the story of my life. This girl, Rachel, goes to a Christian Liberal Arts college. So do I. She’s had pretty terrible luck with since high school. So have I (though not quite as terrible as her). She’s got friends who are dating happily. So do I. And last… She’s weird and a little crazy. So am I. Without further ado, I bring you… The story of my life.


Watch this. My lovely friend Abbi and I having a time talking about Euripides’ Medea. It’s quite worth it.

Also, this. We act out a scene for you.

Enjoy this. It’s educational and fun.

This speaks for itself. This is my life. This is what makes me happy when nothing else does. This is my choir.
Watch it.