Today was an emotional day.

I went with a friend to Dragon Park. I have a lot of serious memories associated with that place. It was the place where I realized that I had every intention of staying in my last serious relationship for good. Obviously, that didn’t work out.

It was probably a combination of different things (reading Tennessee Williams, it being the “golden hour,” me watching couples walking by) that left me with a serious sense of longing. This is dangerous. I have nowhere to direct that longing as I’m not currently interested in anyone. This could lead to longing for the wrong person completely. Story of my life. Done.



I spend a lot of time wishing for my life to “perfect.” We all do.

Have you ever considered that your life, as it is, is exactly how it should be? That your life, in this moment, is “perfect,” at least for the time being. It just hit me… Mine is just right, at least for now.

So, I discovered a new YouTube channel to watch. It’s called “Rachel Dates (Around)” and it is, so far, the story of my life. This girl, Rachel, goes to a Christian Liberal Arts college. So do I. She’s had pretty terrible luck with since high school. So have I (though not quite as terrible as her). She’s got friends who are dating happily. So do I. And last… She’s weird and a little crazy. So am I. Without further ado, I bring you… The story of my life.

I’ve recently decided that, while there is nothing wrong with being “skinny” if you’re healthy, I don’t want to be. I’m not saying I want to be fat by any means, but by golly, I want to be curvy. I mean, Have you seen Christina Hendicks?! In case you haven’t…

She looks like a goddess. She’s beautiful. And while she wouldn’t be what you call “skinny,” I’m pretty sure that if you asked any straight man on the street if he was physically attracted to her, he’d respond with a resounding “YES!”
I’ll admit. I’m partial because, for one, I’m already definitely what you would call curvy. Also, I have a slight girl crush on Christina Hendricks right now. But to prove my point, another beautiful and curvy lady… Miss Nicki Minaj.

Beautiful and curvy. And again, I’m not saying don’t be healthy.


But I really think I'd rather look like this any day.


Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, I don’t think so. More power to the ones who want to work themselves until their all muscle or who want to diet til their all hipbones and no hips, but I think I’ll keep myself curvy. (:

As for all of you… Love who you are. Whether you’re a 90-pound pixie or a 300 pound BBW, own that. I’ve come to accept who I am. I’m not very tall, I’m a little thicker than most girls my height, I have crazy big shoulders (not to mention my huge head), and I’m unable to change most of that. But you know what? I’m still beautiful (and so are you)! So, I say to you today… Start a revolution. Love your body.

Spring makes me really go boy crazy. Fair warning to any males in my vicinity over the next few weeks.

Other than that, I’ve been crazy busy lately. I’m in a show right now. La Bete. It’s going to be hilarious. It’s my first non-musical pretty much ever. I’m also working on an informative speech for my Speech class. I’m doing it on upcycling. The bright side to the boring speech part? I get to make plenty of pretty new stuff for visual aids!

This particular set is made of an old issue of the Nashville Scene. (: It’s a basket and an unfinished (for now) flower. I’m pretty proud of both.

That’s all I have time for now! Expect more soon!

Rap cool? Hah, nope.

I love Donald Glover.

Sorry for the profanity. But geez. I love this man. Ahh!

That’s a lie. I don’t have a funny story. I’m just tired.

I do, however, have a video I’d like to share. And a mildly entertaining story about it.
I kept seeing that Advil commercial and hearing that “Na na na na na” song in the background. All week over break I heard it. It tortured me. I loved that song. I forgot about it until just a few minutes ago when I heard the commercial. I commenced a search for “that Advil song” on Google. The result? “Chugjug” by Family of the Year. I think I have a new favorite band. Yes.

I was on Spring Break for the past week and had no internet. Unfortunate, yes. But I’m back. Hi. (:

As for right now, here’s something remarkable I found through a friend on Facebook. Happy Pi Day!

Oh, my. Maybe I’ve been taught wrongly my entire life, but I was under the impression that we are called to be Christ-like disciples. NOTHING about these people says Christ-like to me. High five, Eugene.

After reading the ruling of the courts recently that Westboro Baptist Church's protests during funerals and others places are constitutional, I'm seriously contemplating starting a website called Christians Against Christian Jerks I wonder if is available. I'm not timid in saying that I really dislike them people. Sorry. You've heard me already write and rant about the paradox of Christian jerks: …“Ch … Read More

via eugene cho

And the 2010-2011 Madrigalians have finished their album, “Selah.” Yeah, we took our sweet time making it awesome. And by that, I mean we worked our butts off all night at music that was hard and we got grumpy and mad at each other then loved each other again when it was all done. And, praise Jesus, it is all done.

Also, as promised, here is a link to the video LARP: The Movie. Sorry for how bad it is. But I love it. Also, sorry if it won’t play because it’s on Facebook and Facebook is dumb sometimes.

LARP: The Movie